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Harlington-Straker Film Studios is an England-based motion picture and television production company that serves as the front for, and conceals, the main headquarters of S.H.A.D.O.. It is 40 miles west of Central London. Edward Straker doubles as the Commander of SHADO and the President of the film studio. Much to Straker's embarrassment, Harlington-Straker is known to have produced two motion pictures which have become hits; this was a completely accidental occurrence and caused accounting problems, as armed-forces military bases are supposed to operate at a loss, not make a profit.

What, or who, is "Harlington?"[]

Exactly what, or who, the "Harlington" of Harlington-Straker Film Studios actually was, or was supposed to be, was never revealed in any of the programme's instalments. Since there are three communities called Harlington in England, however, the "Harlington" of Harlington-Straker Film Studios might have indicated the approximate geographic location of the studio, rather than the name of any individual with whom Straker entered into a business partnership in order to help conceal SHADO's operations.


Harlington-Straker Film Studios figured into "Mindbender," which actually went behind the scenes of UFO: The Series in the course of Edward Straker's hallucination.