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Josephine Fraser, nicknamed "Jo" Fraser, was a self-styled reporter, supposedly working for the Global Press Agency, who became a leak in S.H.A.D.O. security which its Commander, Edward Straker, found himself having to plug in "The Responsibility Seat." She had a criminal record, and had faced no fewer than five extortion charges.

Jane Merrow as Jo Fraser.

The leak[]

Edward Straker, in his cover work as Chief Executive Producer of Harlington-Straker Film Studios, attracts reporters seeking to get stories about him, and Jo Fraser presents herself as one of those reporters. Claiming (falsely!) to work for the Global Press Agency, she interviews Straker in his office, using a microphone in the front of her purse to record the interview. However, she left the purse behind in Straker's office as he walked her to her car, which was "on hire," as Britons refer to rented or leased cars. In her absence, the microphone in her handbag recorded the voice of Lieutenant Keith Ford on the intercom, in which Ford referred to Straker as "Commander Straker." (This information was not supposed to become public knowledge.) During a tour that Straker conducted of the studio lot, Fraser returned to his studio office and collected her handbag from there. Straker quickly discovered what had happened, and that the Global Press Agency had never heard of Fraser. This made him realise that the S.H.A.D.O. might have had a leak opened in its otherwise ironclad security precautions, the implications of whose breaching Paul Foster had ranted about in "Exposed." Straker took the responsibility for his own mistake and left S.H.A.D.O. Colonel Alec Freeman in charge of the Organisation, then tracked Fraser down to recover the tape recording she had made.


Fraser, once Straker had tracked her to her motel, where he demanded the tape from her handbag, knocked him down with a heavy ashtray and fled in her hired car. Straker pursued her in his car and forced hers off the road, badly damaging it. Forced to call a truce with him, she accepted his offer of a drink so he could get to know her better and, later, an invitation her to dinner at his home. She was unaware that Straker had had Miss Ealand run a voice-print and background check on her. When it was conducted, it revealed her criminal record and the five extortion charges she had faced. Once inside Straker's house, Fraser stripped to her underwear in his bedroom. Upon finding her in that state and condition, Straker accused her of attempting to compromise him and of having later plans to use that to her advantage, which she tried to deny. It failed; the damage was done, and Straker threw Fraser out of his house.

It was later predicted that, since her kind never stayed out of trouble for long, Fraser would cause trouble in the future for someone else.

The actress behind the role[]

Jane Merrow acted out Josephine "Jo" Fraser in the instalment.