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Mel Oxley was a BBC announcer/newsreader, chosen to provide the monotone voice of S.I.D..


Mel was born in South Africa. He was a former DJ with Radio Luxembourg in the 1950s. He later moved into TV and worked as an ITV announcer for Southern TV (1959 – 1961), ATV, ABC Television and Associated Rediffusion. He moved to BBC Television as a network out-of-vision announcer, who also appeared in-vision conducting interviews on BBC Two (1965 – 1972). He presented BBC Two’s Line-Up (1969) and narrated The Curious Character of Britain (1970) and Sights and Sounds of Britain (1971) for BBC One.

In 1975, Mel joined BBC Radio External Services/World Service as an announcer/newsreader and was still there ten years later. His acting credits were: The Recording Angells (1956); Target Luna (1960); UFO (1970 – 1973); Play for Today: Justice Joseph Ludorf (1975). [1]