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Earth Under Attack[]

In Gerry Anderson's UFO: The Series, the premise behind the series is that Earth is under attack from a dying alien race that is harvesting human organs in an attempt to prolong the life expectancies of its people.[N 1] Thus, a top-secret organisation called S.H.A.D.O., operated strictly along military lines, has had to be set up to defend humanity.

The secrecy behind SHADO's organisation is explained on a basis of protection of the general public--specifically, the assumption that if the general populace definitely KNEW, without need for speculation along those lines, not only that aliens existed and indeed had visited Earth, but also that some of those aliens were hostile to humans and that at least one race of them was already actually subjecting Earth to brutal attacks that had plunged Earth into a real-life "War Of The Worlds," then panic would ensue.[N 2]


  1. This concept of aliens keeping themselves alive, by harvesting organs from others, was later used for the Vidians in Star Trek Voyager.
  2. "Exposed" has Paul Foster (Michael Billington) delivering a rant to exactly that effect.