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Cmdr Straker and Col Lake disappear and are discovered unconscious next to a dead body of a SHADO operative named Turner. Col Foster and co then try to understand what has happened from here on the story is largely told in flashback. Straker and Lake observe a UFO which they follow but then seems to 'buzz' them. They radio for help but are unable to contact SHADO HQ. After racing back they discover the base and surrounding area are frozen in time and space. They move through the base and see everyone frozen including all the equipment. On entering the film set part of the base Straker observes and tries to move a stool fixed in mid air between too set builders which he hits then with a stick (they are able to pick up and manipulate the stick). At this point he realises there are inconsistencies in what exactly is frozen (they are also able to use a lift) and surmises it is all part of an Alien plot. In the lot they meet Turner who has become an Alien accomplice. He tells Straker of the powers they have given him and a device he's planted in the base disabling SHADO HQ. A UFO is now hovering around the base and Straker tries to take it out. Turner is too powerful and can actually skip around in time and space faster than the eye can see and prevents this. A chase and battle ensue with a power mad Turner foolishly taunting that he is never where you observe him to be. Finally Straker out smarts him and is able to destroy the UFO.[1]


Internet Movie Database[]

Factual errors[]

  1. Apparently, if something was NOT moving when the time stop took effect, then it is not affected by it. However, on an atomic level, everything is constantly in motion, so nothing should move at all, when the actors try to move it.

Plot holes[]

  1. It is not totally clear if time stands still or everything physical is frozen in space. Either way it should not be possible for a VDU (in the command center) to project a picture, this requires an electron scan to take place and light photons emitted. Perhaps time isn't frozen, but moving very slowly (as seen in the Star Trek The Next Generation episode Timescape).

Revealing mistakes[]

  1. About 46:00 in, the lettering on Turner's go-cart for Harlington-Straker Studios is reversed indicating a flipped shot.
  2. At the episode's start, when Straker corrects "time", it should be night, but daytime is shown.
  3. In the ending credits, Ron Pember - playing the casting agent - is misspelled as Ron Bember, Jean Wladon (playing a studio actor) is misspelled as Jean Vladon, and John Lyons is credited as playing a studio guard instead of SHADO guard.


Episode Cast[]

Episode Crew[]

  • Art Direction by Bob Bell

Special Effects by

  • Ken Holt .... special effects production manager
  • Derek Meddings .... special effects director
  • Harry Oakes .... lighting cameraman: special effects
  • Alan Perry .... special effects cameraman
  • Mike Trim .... special effects designer (as Michael Trim)

Editorial Department

  • Desmond Saunders .... post-production executive (as Des Saunders)

Other crew

  • Doreen Soan .... continuity


Production order
Production Block 1:
Identified I Computer Affair I Flight Path I Survival I Exposed I Conflict I The Dalotek Affair I A Question of Priorities I Ordeal I The Responsibility Seat I The Square Triangle I Court Martial I Close Up I Confetti Check A-OK I E.S.P. I Kill Straker! I Sub-Smash
Production Block 2:
The Sound of Silence I The Cat with Ten Lives I Destruction I The Man Who Came Back I The Psychobombs I Reflections in the Water I Mindbender I Timelash I The Long Sleep

Transmission order
Identified I Exposed I The Cat with Ten Lives I Conflict I A Question of Priorities I E.S.P. I Kill Straker! I Sub-Smash I Destruction I The Square Triangle I Close Up I The Psychobombs I Survival I Mindbender I Flight Path I The Man Who Came Back I The Dalotek Affair I Timelash I Ordeal I Court Martial I Computer Affair I Confetti Check A-OK I The Sound of Silence I Reflections in the Water I The Responsibility Seat I The Long Sleep